My work is based on open-ended explorations focusing on process and discovery, resulting in exciting and idiosyncratic pieces that embody a commitment to risk.

The artworks are an extension of both my physical performance background and an ongoing exploration of improvisational structures – working at the limits of control, where action and inspiration combine in dynamic dialogue, generating unpredictable outcomes.

This commitment to a process of investigation and discovery incorporates the selection of creative constraints such as collaborating with members of the public, appropriating industrial tools, and spontaneous or improvisational making.

My practice is rooted in a robust physicality, reflecting my training in dance and circus. This often leads to large-scale works that require devising new tools and working methods, and adds a performative element to the process.

Jeremiah is an artist, actor, podcaster and entrepreneur. His artistic practice encompasses a wide range of disciplines including performance, installations, public art, interactive works, and cultural interventions. This practice is rooted in his early training as a performer specialising in devised work.

Native to the US, he has travelled extensively, and is currently resident in Dartmoor (UK). After training in Theatre and Dance in the US, he moved to Paris to specialise in physical performance. This led to a successful career in theatre and television, portraying a range of ‘creatures’ including the Cyberman in Doctor Who and Tinky Winky in the Teletubbies.

He has created, installed or performed works internationally, including Nablus (Palestine), Amiens, (France), Ås (Norway) and at the Eden Project (Cornwall).

Jeremiah’s current area of investigation is Play and Creative Risk, exploring their application in both an arts and a business context.

Exploring spontaneous, improvisational mark-making as part of an ongoing commitment to risk and uncertainty.

A mixed media investigation working solely with diverted landfill waste.  Supported by SITA UK and Eden Project Ltd.

Community consultation project for the Heartlands Project, Cornwall.  Researching and reflecting views on local infrastructure project.

My work with clay encompasses a range of forms and uses; interactive pieces, textural studies, and sculptural elements.

Public intervention using giant crochet. 

Originally commissioned by MAYK to celebrate diverse communities linked via a shared industrial past.

Re-commissioned by Eden Project to foster conversations in public spaces.

Materials: 6-foot crochet hook, foam ‘rope’.

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