Month: June 2020

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Behind the Poster: “This is my Origin Story”

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The first hand lettered poster in my collection was inspired by the conjunction of 4 things:

  1. comic books
  2. a teaching from life coach and entrepreneur Brooke Castillo that we are always free to choose how we want to think about anything in our lives – including the really challenging stuff
  3. the arrival of Covid-19
  4. this post by entrepreneur Grand Cardone about how he was choosing to think about and respond to the increasing fear as Covid-19 began to spread globally:

Auditing your Artwork

How does the art reflect your goals?

The artwork in your workspace needs to be challenged and changed on a regular basis.

Too often we add art to our environment and then forget about it. After a few weeks or months, it starts to blend into the wallpaper, virtually invisible.

Where this can be problematic is that the artwork is still functioning in the space – it is still sending messages to you, your team, customers, and clients who visit the space.


The power of art to support working from home

How curating the aesthetic of your ‘home office’ can boost productivity.

Still Reflecting - Original painting by Jeremiah Krage for Art for Entrepreneurs
‘Still Reflecting’ – original painting

Now that so many of us are working from home, we’re confronted by a conflict of purpose – our domestic spaces now need to double as a professional work environment.

Previously, we would have relied on commutes and shared office workspaces to cue our brains to prepare for work.  The act of leaving the house, travelling, drinking coffee from a thermal cup, and greeting colleagues all facilitated a transition from the private and personal to the public and professional.

Without these transitional spaces and cues, it can often be a challenge to maintain a work-oriented mindset.  Not to mention the ready distractions of family members, Netflix, and the refrigerator.

But there are steps we can take to help our brains make the shift from being ‘at home’ to being ‘at work’, even though we may have only travelled a few steps.


But motivational posters don’t work!

Old School ‘Motivation’

I hear this all the time; that pretty Instagram quotes are vacuous and motivational posters are pointless.

And yet they endure.