I create for the CURIOUS.

I create bold, bright and colourful work that explores ideas about life and living; the roles we play, our creative agency in constructing our own lives, the invisible influences of cultures both big and small, the tension between comfort and growth.

A lot of my work is inspired by the example of great creators who push the norms – inventors and entrepreneurs who see a better future and work to bring it into reality. People like Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, and Jeff Bezos.

My training and experience as a performer is a significant influence – the awareness of creating something for an audience, leveraging the power of narrative, aiming for concision and clarity, and creating an exchange with the viewer.

I don’t believe in limiting creativity solely to the production of art. If I can create an original image on canvas from my imagination alone, why then can I not do the same with my life? I honestly believe that there are no limits to creativity and its ability to shape ourselves and the world around us.


Why I create

I create in order to think. I’m a profoundly curious person and use the creative process to ask questions and explore ideas. The work I create is a literal record of this process. The artwork is essentially me thinking out loud, using different media to ask questions, explore and clarify my thoughts, trying different approaches and configurations, and sharing the result.

I see each completed piece as an extension of my brain, capturing and storing an understanding with all its attendant references and memories.


I work in different media including paint, ceramics, gifs & NFTs, and mixed media installations.



I grew up living abroad, including the former USSR and several countries in Central and South America.


I studied theatre and dance in the US and France, and as a performer have created work in a variety of styles and genres including site-specific, theatre-based, and on television.


My most notable roles include Tinky Winky in Teletubbies and the Cyberman in Doctor Who, both for the BBC.

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