I create work to inspire and reflect human ambition. To celebrate our desire to improve.
To encourage and motivate those who can imagine something better and are willing to work to make that vision a reality.
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Fascinated by the forces that shape identity, Krage’s work focuses on how we create and define our sense of self. As individuals, as communities, and as a species. Understanding that identity and the sense of self are constantly evolving, he explores how and when we choose to engage with creating our own selves, and by extension, shape the world around us.
His work often includes avatars; symbolic representations of the self as multi-layered and nuanced. These stylised expressions of interior landscapes, idealised depictions, and eroded effigies of the self are conceived as totems and prompts to generate inspired reflections for the viewer.


Jeremiah Krage is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist and futurist working in the UK.
A US citizen, born in South America, and raised internationally, his perspective has been shaped by being an observer in other cultures. His work reflects this formative experience by exploring identity and personal agency via a wide range of media including ceramics, paint, performance and digital/virtual.
Professional training in theatre and dance, and a career in performance and media, cultivated an enhanced understanding of the malleability of the body and the mind and their mutual influence.