BALLAST is about perspective. Where we’re looking to go, and the position we’re looking from.

It’s about exploring the tension between reaching for the future, experiencing the present, and valuing the past.
Life is happening fast, and it feels faster every day. We are surrounded by amazing new technologies, new opportunities, new virtual worlds.
But it can feel complicated. Overwhelming. Relentless.
For BALLAST I’ve created pieces that reflect different aspects of this experience in order to reclaim some balance.
Celebrating the human form that has evolved over centuries, the incredible system of bones, tissues, and senses that enable us to interact with both physical and virtual worlds.
Celebrating the imagination, the ability to envision realities far beyond our own experience, and the desire to bring them into existence.
Celebrating how we continue to reach forward optimistically and inelegantly into the future.
The works in BALLAST are visual reminders to help us maintain equilibrium, to help us stay on course, as we navigate our way to the future.