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Behind the poster: “Choose your wants over your fears…”

Entrepreneurship is fundamentally about creativity and optimism. Looking for the opportunities, the potential, the possibilities… and then taking action to make them a reality.

That’s why I love this quote from entrepreneur and life coach Brooke Castillo:

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Brooke’s coaching, and her entire business, is based around consciously creating the results you want in your life. Looking past fear and imagining a future that you have designed for yourself, and for your clients.

As entrepreneurs, we are accustomed to a high degree of uncertainty, of risk, and yet still taking action.

I chose to create a poster with this quote because it asks us to take things one step further. To not just manage our fear, or overcome our fear, but to also embrace our dreams. To have the courage to really stretch ourselves to imagine the best possible future – and to then commit to making it a reality.