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Behind the Poster: This is my origin story

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The first hand lettered poster in my collection was inspired by the conjunction of 4 things:

  1. comic books
  2. a teaching from life coach and entrepreneur Brooke Castillo that we are always free to choose how we want to think about anything in our lives – including the really challenging stuff
  3. the arrival of Covid-19
  4. this post by entrepreneur Grand Cardone about how he was choosing to think about and respond to the increasing fear as Covid-19 began to spread globally:
“I will get through this and be better, bigger and unstoppable because of it. No virus will stop us. 10X”

Every superhero has an origin story. More often than not, it’s a dark period in their lives or a key moment of challenge when they decided to rise up. When they made a choice, and committed to a new direction, a new purpose.

This poster was designed for anyone who is in a period of darkness, struggle, or uncertainty.

Anyone who is stepping into the unknown, but who is determined to push through.

Determined to turn disadvantage into advantage.

Determined to succeed.

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But motivational posters don’t work!

Old School ‘Motivation’

I hear this all the time; that pretty Instagram quotes are vacuous and motivational posters are pointless.

And yet they endure.


Because we love what they do to our brains. Like the audacity of Steve Jobs’ “ding in the universe,” they have the power to spark something in our minds.

As with most media, the value is in how we choose to engage with these mental ‘sparks’.

Insta ‘Inspiration’

We have to make a conscious choice to engage and reflect. To ask ourselves, “What would my ‘ding in the universe’ look like?”

  • What are your ‘dreams’?
  • What is the ‘summit’ that you’re striving for?
  • How could you ’10X’ your sales?

By actively inserting ourselves, our businesses, our hopes for the future, into these apparent cliches, we elevate them from being generic to something relevant, powerful, and potentially even transformative.

Motivational quotes do work, provided we are willing to meet them halfway.