Bespoke Web3 Onboarding

6 sessions to get you from IRL to Web3 without the stress.

Sessions are 1:1 with me and completely confidential. We’ll work together at a pace that suits you.


Each session is 45 minutes and all content is tailored to your needs, schedule, and specific areas of interest.


Some of the topics I can help with include:

  • Understanding wallets
  • Buying your first cryptocurrency
  • Purchasing, listing, and selling NFTs

I offer the complete Web3 onboarding package of 6 one-to-one sessions for £1500 GBP.

Example of a common workflow:


Session 1: Orientation and Goal setting

  • Opportunities in Web3 ie. Why engage with the space?
  • Overview of the space: different blockchains, crypto-twitter, Discord
  • Identifying your specific areas of interest and aims
  • Setting clear goals to be achieved


Session 2: Fundamentals of Web3

  • Understanding the culture and vocabulary
  • NFT projects: art, PFPs, utility passes
  • Wallets & Security
  • Identity: To Doxx or not
  • Mental health


Followed by practical sessions designed specifically for your needs and areas of interest.

Example topics include:

  • Understanding digital wallets and setting up your Metamask (hot) wallet
  • Cold wallets: setting up and linking your cold storage with Metamask
  • From Fiat to Crypto: purchasing your first crypto currency on an exchange and transferring to your wallet
  • Buying your first NFT: understanding traits, bidding and offers, making your first purchase
  • Listing an NFT for sale: choosing a marketplace, setting a price and placing your first NFT listing
  • Making sense of Discord: including navigating the Discord interface, how to Direct Message, manage notifications, etiquette, and joining the conversation


The session content is completely flexible, allowing me to meet you exactly where you are, troubleshoot specific issues, and help to make your Web3 experience as stress-free as possible.

Book a 20 minute call here and we can discuss what your ideal session plan would look like.

About me:

I work in Web3 as a creative and educator, sharing my knowledge to help anyone who is ‘crypto-curious’ to take part.

With 20+ years of workshop experience, I deliver time-effective, practical sessions that result in rapid learning and results.
I am fully doxxed (i.e. not anonymous), an inaugural member of the PROOF Collective and an educator for – the ‘LinkedIn of Web3’.

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