– Limited Edition NFTs & Handheld Sculpture –

YRL Coming soon3

Series 1 of the YOU ROCK LIFE project are video-based NFTs featuring Wim Hof's epic command to “Breathe Motherfucker”.

Celebrating anyone pushing the envelope, taking risks, and going all in.

** A highly limited 50 'supreme' editions will include the “Wim Stone” – a beach pebble cast in solid bronze incised with Wim's words. **


The Wim Stone is a timeless and tactile reminder to take a moment to just breathe.

To carve out space, in the midst of the hustle, to regroup and reassess.

To reconnect with yourself and your purpose.

To remember your ‘why’.

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YOU ROCK LIFE is a project to enable and support meaningful encouragement – specifically for anyone who is ‘daring greatly.’


Anyone who is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.